Super tricks for sneaking in exercise into your day

Some of your colleagues right now may be exercising, look around, take a peak on that virtual call, can you tell?  Probably not.

There are a number of ‘movements’ that you can do during your work day to exercise within the office, whether at home or in the corporate office and still maintain your excellent productivity record!

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Pretend you are holding a pencil in between your shoulder blades and squeeze in and release 10 times


Stand behind your chair holding on to it.  Raise your foot onto your tiptoes and hold 2 seconds and release repeats 10 times


Get yourself a wireless headset so when you have to answer the phone, you can get your steps in.

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Need to speak to a colleague who you share the same office with?  Don’t use email and the phone its too easy.  You can be walking to their desk and asking them the question (builds strong relationships too!)


Virtual – if you dont have to be on camera, walk during the meeting.  In fact the oxygen will give you more clarity, critical thinking and concentration!

In person, why should all meetings be sedentary, especially when there are two of you?  If its informal and no major notes are to be taken, the get outside, get the fresh air, the exercise and the Vitamin D.  Plus the movement will set for a great creative meeting

Don’t let work become the reason you become sedentary by trying some of these steps, keep your day ‘moving’.

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