Think you can’t? Then you won’t!

Simply put into laymens terms, it’s when you believe something so much to be true, that you act in that way as if it WAS true and then it becomes true. For example. As a child you say I cant ride a bike I will fall off, you believe it so much that you get nervous and fall off your bike. TaDa you were right! (your brain LOVES to predict that it’s right!)

As an adult this can disable you in your future success. What I mean by that is you are taking on the feelings of your CAN’T’s to be true, therefore you wont be able to do it! Did you do the same thing when learning to walk? Did you give up? No. Did you do the same when you got nervous going into your job interview? No, you believed so hard that the job was yours, you aced the interview and the job was yours!

The same works for LEADING other people and inspiring them. You have heard the phrase. “Be who you needed when you were growing up”? Allow the people around you to know that they CAN do anything!

Believe you can and you are half way there!

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